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At Win Japan, we prioritize your learning, and nothing else. We would like to ensure that your journey in learning English is one that will forever leave a mark in your hearts, not just in your minds. Of course, we envision our students to become clear and fluent communicators, but it is of utmost importance that the kind of communication our students practice is the kind that goes beyond intellectual connections.


Win Japan offers the following courses for you to choose from:

*Individual English Course – this course is designed in a way that the student is assured of complete attention, with the one to one correspondence. One teacher, one student is the rule that must be followed. With this, you can at least be able to take your own learning curve into account. This is better made for the more individualistic, more independent learners.

*Learn Together English Course – this course is designed for those who would like to sign up as an entire group (whether for family, or friends, etc). This course is intended for those who learn better when you are in a group, when you are more of a extroverted person. With the Learn Together English Course, you can expect more interactive activities which will involve every single one in the group.

*Part-time English – this course is designed for those who cannot commit full-time to the classes. This is especially made for those who are working full-time, or are otherwise occupied by other concerns (perhaps those students, or full-time parents). This program will enable you to plan out a schedule that fits your needs as well as your capabilities as a learner and as a student.

*For those who are about to take the IELTS or other English tests, Win Japan also offers a lot of options for you to take review classes. These review classes assume that you intend to take the exam on some date. And with this, you can be sure that the review classes will truly equip you enough to be able to do well in those exams.

In the end of the day, your choice of class will be determined by what you perceive to be your main need as a student.